Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Meet The SpokesFolks


We are The SpokesFolks, the FIRST International Green Birding team to take part in the Champions of The Flyway (COTF) competition.

We are a group of four birders taking on the Champions of The Flyway Challenge 2017 by Green Birding methods; by bicycle, by foot and maybe by camel. Our team of four include three young birders from North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory, Orkney, UK. They are Erin Taylor, George Gay and Samuel Perfect. The final member of the team is the new European Green Birding Year list champion, Gary Biking Birder Prescott.
Erin Taylor

George Gay

Samuel Perfect

Gary Prescott

By taking part in the event using Green Birding methods we hope to show others that the future of Birding can be incredibly rewarding, as well as more environmentally friendly and practical, especially now that a switch towards a low carbon lifestyle is of ultimate importance.

The Champions of The Flyway is a charitable event raising money in aid of Doga Dernegi, Birdlife International in Turkey, to help protect and support the safe passage of migratory birds through the country. As birders who experience the wonder and splendour of bird migration through the Northern Isles of Britain, we fully support the aims of this incredible organisation.

Showing others that Green Birding provides an excellent alternative to carbon birding and carbon twitching is a valuable message we hope to share with others. Being the FIRST GREEN TEAM, we aim to set the pace for others to follow by setting a tempting and challenging example. We are an extremely enthusiastic young, or young at heart group and are very proud to be taking part in COTF.

Eilat, Israel is a new birding location for all of us. We all typically bird the UK, so birding Eilat will give us a intense change of scenery. We will be competing with many other teams also competing in The Champions of The Flyway Challenge, exploring and finding birds around the city. Eilat is a famous passing point for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds every year due to it having a unique location at the top of the Red Sea.

Many thanks to Viking Optics for their support of our group.

Please support our group and support the work of DOGA through our efforts. 

Please help us raise as much as possible by sponsoring us on the Just Giving Link.

The SpokesFolks with North Ronaldsay Supporters

We hope that you will follow our adventures over the coming weeks. Thanks to you and to the organisers of The Champions of The Flyways.

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